Calabria Region, divestment of the Polistena hospital is fake news: important investments for the hospital


By John

“More than dismantling, constant and important investments are underway for the Polistena hospital, thanks to the resources assigned by the Calabria Region, to guarantee the improvement of the structure’s care through progressive and tangible professional, technological and infrastructural increases and the start of the Inail. The Polistena hospital is, in fact, included in the programming of the Inail three-year investment plan for a total project amount of 35.7 million euros. And from 2022 to today, numerous actions have been implemented to improve the hospital’s infrastructure. Renovation of the emergency room and the pharmacy premises, restoration and safety of the facades, arrangement and sanitation of the analysis laboratory premises, restyling of the pediatrics department, maintenance interventions for the intensive care and intensive care departments, just to name a few. In 2024, among other things, the operating rooms and the Cardiology department will be renovated, the Cup area will be adapted, and a new blood sampling point will be created”. This is what we read in a nnote from the Department of Health and Welfare of the Calabria Region.

“Thanks to the Pnrr resources – continues the note – s4 multidisciplinary ultrasound scanners, 1 3D Cardiological ultrasound scanner and a gynecological ultrasound scanner have been acquired, tested and have been regularly used since the end of 2022, for a total investment of over 280 thousand euros. Furthermore, the purchase of a remote-controlled X-ray for department exams has already been formalised. With the POR-FESR Calabria 2014-2020 funds, 3 more multidisciplinary ultrasound scanners, 4 pediatric lung ventilators and an otoacoustic emission device were acquired.
On the personnel side, during 2023 and 2024 A total of 152 professionals were hired, and during 2023 the quantity of those assisted was increased, going from 5,844 hospitalizations to 6,813 hospitalizations. Finally, as regards the Emergency Department activity, the number of accesses recorded an increase in 2023 compared to 2022 of 15.49%.
In conclusion, as can be seen from the professional, technological, infrastructural investments and the start of the Inail process, it is reiterated that the decommissioning of the hospital is fake news.
The increase in healthcare activity demonstrates that the Provincial Health Authority of Reggio Calabria and the Calabria Region are investing significantly to improve the level of efficiency and assistance relating to the Polistena hospital structure”.