Calabria, school reform: tables to support the Provinces and Reggio


By John

Time is running out to arrive at the new school sizing plan. Each provincial reality will be asked to approve, by 30 September 2023, the plan for sizing the school network and the 2024/25 training offer, the vice-president of the regional council with responsibility for Education Giusi Princisent a letter to all the presidents of the Provinces and of the metropolitan city of Reggio Calabria, in which, in addition to providing a summary of the guidelines, already sent to each reality after their approval in the Council, by the manager of the Education department , Anna Perani, recalls the importance of establishing decentralized technical tables to support each Province.
«As already discussed with you or your delegates on the occasion of the meeting convened in the Citadel last 10 July – we read in the vice president’s letter -, it will be important to draw up a sizing plan which, despite reducing the number of school autonomies contemplated by the parameters ministerial, safeguard the internal areas to combat dropout and school failure. Taking into account that the last dimensioning of the school network in our region dates back at least a decade, it will be important to take a joint action to reorganize the school network which operates in the exclusive interest of marginal areas and of the right to education which must be guaranteed in a homogeneous throughout the regional territory”.