Calabria, the Democratic Party rejects the Occhiuto management: «All the indicators are negative»


By John

The Calabrian Democratic Party takes a negative look at the four years of centre-right government at the top of the regional administration. Yesterday morning, at the party headquarters in Lamezia, the regional councilor Raffaele Mammoliti he summed up the last two council meetings and in particular the one by Occhiuto; alongside him is the leader of the PD Calabria group Mimmo Bevacqua while the regional secretary of the party, the senator Nicola Irto, spoke via connection from Rome. «The data that we can find after these four years – Mammoliti ruled – are merciless and incontrovertible; in 2019 we had 539 thousand employed, today we have 10 thousand fewer. Furthermore – the regional councilor insisted – we have the highest unemployment rate and the number of NEETs (young people who neither study nor work) in Italy”.
For the Democratic Party representative, this means that the announced reforms have not been implemented and that the available resources have not been well spent, given that there is no concrete impact on the real economy. “These data – Mammoliti underlined – must question everyone: the majority and the opposition, the world of politics, society and the economy, everyone!”.