Rombiolo, damage and constant threats to the owners of a furniture factory. A stalker arrested


By John

It all started in mid-2022 with an order of furniture, not paid by the customer and a deposit not returned by the seller, as per the contract, for compensation for the damage caused. From here on, the buyer, who had feared financial problems that prevented payment, considered himself the victim of an injustice, would first demand the delivery of the goods and then the refund of the money, gradually transforming into a stalker who would have made life impossible for the owner of the furniture factory and her family.

At first there was violent pressure to obtain the return of the money, then, last December, the family car catching fire and from then on a very long series of threats, damages and small thefts of agricultural equipment committed very often to the detriment of the businesswoman’s father. Confident in justice, the victims reported every single event to the Carabinieri station Rombiolo who began carrying out the first investigations, immediately informing the Public Prosecutor’s Office led by Camillo Falvo who, together with the deputy in charge of the file, coordinated the investigations. The series of events, attributable to a single alleged perpetrator, known to the victims and who apparently acted carelessly, or at least unaware, of often being filmed in his exploits by the video cameras installed at the homes of the offended persons, has outlined a single common thread of the story, namely that of intimidating and forcing the latter to live in a state of persistent anxiety and fear. Having assessed the elements collected, the context and the seriousness of the matter, the investigating magistrates then put the various episodes into a system, bringing them together in a single proceeding and charging the alleged perpetrator with conduct comprising acts of persecution, attempted extortion, threats, damage and theft. The investigating judge, having assessed the seriousness of the evidentiary framework, therefore issued, at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, an order for the precautionary custody of the House arrest against the alleged culprit which was carried out by the police.