Calabria, the “yes” to hiring interns arrives


By John

The green light arrives in the middle of the night and (almost) at the end of an excited session of the joint Constitutional Affairs and Budget commissions of the Chamber called to examine the Milleproroghe decree. But it is only a detail compared to the substance represented by the green light to the amendment through which the possibility of hiring social inclusion interns is allowed exclusively to Calabrian municipalities in derogation of the hiring limits in force, with fixed-term, part-time contracts lasting 18 months. To enable all this, a fund has been set up for the Municipalities: the State provides 5 million euros, which is obviously not enough, but work is already underway to find other resources to replenish the existing chapter.
In any case, the work carried out by the promoters of the legislative initiative – led by the Forza Italia deputy Francesco Cannizzaro – finally produced its effects. However, at least in this first phase, interns (in truth, a small part compared to the overall pool of four thousand temporary workers) belonging to other local authorities other than the Municipalities remain excluded. For them we are thinking of a solution to be included in a legislative measure following the Milleproroghe expected in the Chamber in the next few days.