Camorra, maxi confiscation of 100 million: also properties and lands of the province of Cosenza to the State


By John

A large amount of assets belonging to companies operating in the construction and real estate sectors, for a total value of approximately 100 million euros, have been confiscated by the financial police of the provincial command of the Guardia di Finanza of Bologna, together with the Central Service for the Investigation of Organized Crime (SCICO) and with the support of the military in force at the provincial commands of Naples, Caserta, Benevento and Cosenza: the confiscation is a consequence of a provision issued by the Court of Appeal of Naples. The assets subject to restriction were found to be in the possession of two entrepreneurs of Campanian origin, definitively convicted, on various counts, for external complicity in a Camorra-type criminal association and fraudulent transfer of assets also aggravated by the mafia method. Antimo Morlando and Emanuele Di Spirito, definitively sentenced, are considered close to the Puca and Perfetto clans.

The confiscation order carried out by the GICO military of the Economic and Financial Police Unit of Bologna represents the epilogue of investigations directed by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples, originating from the monitoring of “suspicious” real estate investments made in Emilia-Romagna, in locations in the provinces of Bologna and Ravenna, by individuals apparently devoid of any income capacity.

In particular, the investigations would have allowed to document a complex of companies – formally registered to compliant subjects, but in fact “managed” by the two entrepreneurs from Campania, already confined in the prisons of Santa Maria Capua Vetere and Secondigliano, used for speculative real estate operations in order, among other things, to facilitate the investments of some clans and the reinvestment of illicit provisions, in a way to allow the same criminal organizations to make huge profits.

The operational synergy established between entrepreneurs and criminal associations would have allowed the former to strengthen their economic dominance and the latter to obtain significant resources to distribute within the clans. The latter, operating in the shadow of apparently clean businesses, reinvested the proceeds of real estate activities in the legal circuit. The overall activity carried out allowed the State to secure 161 real estate assets, including buildings and lands located in the provinces of Naples, Caserta, Benevento and Cosenza; 25 motor vehicles, 7 active bank accounts and 16 company shares, for a value of 100 million euros.