The 5 Star Movement joins the euro group The Left, Ferrara: “We renew our commitment”


By John

«I am happy to announce a historic turning point for our political force in Europe! M5S has officially joined The Left group in the European Parliament. This step represents a renewed commitment and a new opportunity to strengthen our fight for a more just, fair and sustainable society”. Laura Ferrara, former MEP and coordinator for the 5 Star Movement of European and international affairs, wrote in a note. “As coordinator of European affairs for the 5 Star Movement – she explains – , I want to underline the importance of this goal for which I have personally committed myself without holding back. Our entry into The Left will allow us to collaborate with progressive forces from all over Europe, sharing and promoting the values ​​that are dear to us: social justice, environmental protection, citizens’ rights and the fight against inequalities. Our commitment – she adds – will focus on several key areas: We will continue to promote ambitious environmental policies to fight climate change and protect our planet for future generations. We will work to ensure decent working conditions, social protection and an economy that puts people, not profits, at the centre. We will work to make European institutions more transparent and democratic, bringing Europe closer to its citizens. This – he concludes – is only the beginning of a journey that will see us increasingly protagonists at a European level to build a better Europe”.