Reggina, now it’s Malara and Laaribi’s turn. The signatures and the official announcement this week


By John

It will be a week of announcements that begins tomorrow. After Barranco’s official announcement, the signatures of Mohamed Laribi And Richard Malara. The midfielder and the full-back will reinforce two key departments. But that’s not all. Contacts are also underway with the Reggio native Cosimo Forgione, a midfielder with good performances. At “Sant’Agata” they are counting on completing the operation, so much so that optimism is growing for the deal to be closed. Bonanno is working on several fronts and the latest rumors point to an interest in the central defender Christian Bonacchicoming off a positive year in Campobasso. Pergolizzi knows him and has apparently given his approval to the purchase. The player has over 150 appearances in Serie D behind him, confirming that he is a reliable player. As for the attack, the Ragusa hypothesis is taking shape, a free agent and leaving Messina. The offensive winger would like to return to Reggio and news is expected in a few days. In addition to Barranco, the sporting director will take on another first striker. Rosseti, whose contract expires in 2025, could stay, while Bolzicco will pack his bags.
Season ticket campaign. It has started under the best auspices, even if we do not have any official data. The club’s goal is to exceed the number of cards of last summer. Then in the middle of the month the second phase will start. The goal of 4 thousand cards is achievable. This is what patron Ballarino hopes for, having acquired the brand to the delight of the fans. The public, in particular the representatives of the Curva Sud, will stand by the team group. To win the championships, maximum cohesion between all the components will be needed, otherwise we will not go anywhere. The rest will then have to be done by the players, committing one hundred percent.
Corrado Tovani’s opinion. The former defender arrived on the shores of the Strait in the 1987-88 season, winning promotion to Serie B: «Reggina will be a protagonist also because they have chosen a coach of the calibre of Pergolizzi – says Tovani -. Rosario has the experience needed to bring the church back to the centre of the village. In any category it is never easy to assert yourself. I am following the transfer campaign and the arrival of Barranco is a great move. He is an old-school centre-forward. Physically gifted, if he receives the right supplies he will score many goals. In this regard, I expect crosses from Provazza and Renelus who are unstoppable on good days. The latter, who arrived in Reggio during the January transfer market, is devastating in one-on-one situations. The coach has great faith in his qualities».
Closing on the goalkeeper issue: «Martinez, in my opinion, should be confirmed. The Spaniard has a market in Lega Pro, but Reggio is a prestigious place and if I were in management I would try to keep him».