Capital of the book: now Taurianova wants to talk to everyone


By John

From the myth of Prometheus to tell the ambiguity of a territory, to the meaning of words, such as “revolt”, to explain the meaning of a project that sees Calabria represented in the world through the promotion of the book. Intense days in which Taurianova, the nascent Italian book capital, is presenting itself through meetings which give rise to reflections, contaminations and active participation.

From Cassano to the Ionian where the mayor Rocco Biasi and the councilor for culture and artistic director of Taurianova Capitale del Libro Maria Fedele received the 38th Troccoli Magna Grecia Award from the Region precisely for the work carried out in the promotion of the book, in Catanzaro, which saw the Book Capital as a guest of the XXI Gutenberg Fair – the visionary project founded by Armando Vitale which actively involves schools and young people -, the participation in initiatives such as the donation of books and the meeting with the young people of the Ministerial Minor Community of Catanzaro, an important project carried out by Calabria Condivisa.

«The entire community is mobilizing to achieve a common goal: making Taurianova a point of reference for southern Italy – commented councilor Maria Fedele – to ensure that this recognition can have concrete impacts on our territory. And we are very proud of the fact that this is already happening, primarily through the library that has come back to life, but also through various projects of which the city is proud, such as the inauguration, a few days ago, of the Borgo Sociale for migrants, and the donation of books to the minor community of Catanzaro”.

Having kicked off the Capital of the Book year on 16 May with the conference on “Combating educational poverty”, now it's the turn of the rich program of events, including book presentations, exhibitions and conferences. At the center of the meetings were highly current themes, from armed conflicts – an issue addressed in the book “The rest is silence” by Chiara Ingrao, presented at the opening of the exhibition – to the impact of new infrastructures on society and the environment, the protagonist of the new novel of the Campiello Prize Carmine Abate, «A happy country» (Mondadori, 2023), which tells the story of Erava, a small town born at the end of the nineteenth century near Gioia Tauro, and which just under a century later was razed to the land to make room for a steel center that was never built, where the Port stands today. Intertwining historical truth and narrative fiction, the novel retraces some of the most difficult years for the Reggio area, between political and social emergencies and the constant presence of the 'Ndrangheta, always ready to get their hands on public money. Dialogue with the author is Fabio Cuzzola, a historian who dedicated texts and research to the Reggio uprisings of the 1970s.

«The story of Erava is an unknown one, in some ways even removed – explained Carmine Abate –. One day I was in the San Ferdinando tent city to write another book on migration and a gentleman, seeing the dismay in my gaze, told me: “Here before there was a fragrant paradise, a country with a beautiful name”. When I heard this name,Sonova, I understood that there was a utopia inside it and I wanted to know more. In my books I always talk about two aspects of Calabria, the beauty and the wounds. Calabria, or rather, Calabria, is a complex land, full of problems, but also of many riches that are important to be highlighted.”

At Taurianova Capitale del Libro also reflections on journalism, ethics and technological innovations. On Friday Antonio Padellaro will present «Solo la vera lo giuro» (Piemme), in which he talks about the mechanisms that govern the news and the background that often accompanies it. The meeting is part of the programming of Villaggio Sud Agrifest – Festival of Cooperation, an event twinned with Taurianova Italian Capital of Books 2024. Moderated by the journalist and writer Marco Lupis.
Also on the program is the presentation of the new book by journalist and television host Paolo Del Debbio «In name of freedom» (Piemme, 2024), which analyzes the values ​​that determined Berlusconi's entry into the field and, subsequently, his long season. Journalist Michel Dessi speaks with the author.