Horror in Catanzaro, sexual abuse of an 11 year old: her mother's partner arrested


By John

A horror film that was experienced by a little girl of just 11 years old, resident in the Preserre area of ​​Catanzaro, forced to suffer sexual violence by her mother's partner, without the latter doing anything to stop the repeated abuse of the minor.
The woman, according to what emerged from the investigations, is not alone she would not have reported the violence against her daughter, despite having been aware of it, but would have even left her alone in the house with her tormentor. According to the reconstruction of the investigators, the man he would have forced the girl to watch him while he masturbated or to look at his genitals, and on one occasion he would have forcefully dragged her onto the sofa at home, making her undergo sexual acts against her willwarning her not to say anything to her mother, under threat of not giving her pocket money or telephone.
Some scenes of the sexual abuse suffered by the 11-year-old were apparently filmed in a video contained in the 47-year-old's cell phone. The girl's mother also allegedly obtained that video and threatened her partner with spreading it if she did not leave her the car and the ATM on which the salary was credited.

The horror came to light when the 47-year-old decided to lodge a complaint with the Carabinieri of the Soverato Company, telling his version of events. His complaint triggered the investigations which resulted in the precautionary measure issued by the investigating judge Luca Bonifacio.
The 47-year-old was placed under precautionary detention on charges of sexual assault, while the victim's mother was placed under house arrest on charges of extortion and possession of pornographic material.