Capo d’Orlando, Ingrillì promises many interventions and asks to forget the past


By John

A series of interventions in the area to be carried out in 90 days. In short, a sort of “pact” with the Orlandini is what the mayor of Capo d’Orlando, Franco Ingrillì, signs at the start of the new year.
The approval of the Forecast in the Cesarini 2023 area, which freed up important sums for the maintenance of the territory, together with some specific funding, have “encouraged” the Orlandine Administration and, from here, the commitment to redevelop the city with a series of interventions that will start immediately.
In the list drawn up by the mayor, who also forged a slogan “let’s not look at what we have done but at what we will do”, we find the renovation of the changing rooms and parquet of the Palavalenti, including its roofing; a new public car park in the Nettuno area in Pissi; the new sewerage network in the Piscittina and Salicò Mutallica sections.