Health emergency in Isola Capo Rizzuto, the appeal of mayor Vittimberga


By John

Mayor Maria Grazia Vittimberga denounces the serious situation faced by the emergency health service in the province of Crotone:

“A situation also denounced by the trade union organizations who have not yet even had the possibility of a meeting, which has been requested for some time. In particular, Isola Capo Rizzuto has been deprived of the 118 ambulance service for about a month. This is a vital service for a town of 18,000 inhabitants which, during the three summer months, quintuples the number of potential users”

“The service of the second ambulance had also been planned for some time, as has rightly been achieved in smaller towns. But every promise remained in vain. The expression of interest which provided for the service was withdrawn and was never proposed again”

“…I make an appeal to the new commissioner Brambilla and to president Occhiuto to intervene to remedy this dramatic situation. Those responsible must work to ensure that serious measures are taken to resolve the problem quickly on the 118 ambulance and we can start the process for having a second garrison at least for the summer months is new. I ask for respect and dignity for my fellow citizens and for those who come to stay in our territory. I express gratitude and solidarity for all the healthcare workers deprived of essential tools and who despite they are bending over backwards to guarantee service in inhumane conditions…”