Carabiniere from Lamezia dies in the Lodi area, Rosario Bruno’s work colleagues are heartbroken: “Endless pain”


By John

The police officer who died running off the road with his car which overturned and ended up in a canal in the Lodi area was called Rosario Bruno and was originally from Lamezia Terme. He lived in Milan and had arrived in the Lodi area to attend an end-of-year party. Tonight, the New Carabinieri Union issued a note which reads: «The national secretariat, together with the regional secretariat of Lombardy and the provincial one of Milan, as well as all NSC members, join the family in this moment of immense pain». From the first investigations it emerged that the policeman would have gone off the road last night, but the report to the police and 118 would only have arrived today, after a passer-by noticed his car overturned in the ditch, thus alerting the rescue car.