Carceri, Cannizzaro and Siracusano visit the Reggio Calabria penitentiary: very critical situation


By John

«Yesterday, together with my fellow deputy Francesco Cannizzaro, I carried out an inspection at the Arghillà prison in Reggio Calabria. We are aware of the chronic difficulties of the penitentiary system in our country, and on this too the government is working to improve the existing one, but in the Calabrian city we found a truly critical situation in a context in which the State should re-educate those who have committed crime or crime and at the same time guarantee the total safety of the personnel who work there. There are two main problems in the Reggio prison: overcrowding of prisoners and understaffed officers. Not to mention the dilapidated structure in which the agents themselves are forced to stay during the nights on duty: cells to all intents and purposes without even a bathroom. I have collected the requests of the agents, many of whom are from Messina, who work in this reality and I will undertake to represent their legitimate concerns to the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, with the aim of obtaining an increase in the staff workforce and improving the conditions of the structure”. As Matilde Siracusanoundersecretary for relations with Parliament and deputy of Forza Italia.