Catanzaro, Edoardo Alfieri wins the silver medal at the European Athletics Championships


By John

Edoardo Alfieri starts with a great sporting performance at the European Masters Athletics Championships Emac 2023 in Pescara. The MT 5000 track walking, the first race of these European championships, took place on the Montesilvano track, were very competitive and the Catanzaro athlete from the ASD Centro Sportivo Giovanile Catanzaro Lido had to settle for the silver medal as vice world champion of the track race beaten by a younger athlete the Czechoslovakian Lapka Miloslav. The age difference and the track preparation of the specialist of this race changed the final result. But we have to be satisfied as Catanzaro does not have an approved athletics track and the efforts made by the athlete in the short time available at the Mennea school camp still gave him a place on the podium. And while the new track at Camposcuola in Cosenza was being inaugurated, the first race of the Emac 2023 Marcia European Championships was taking place at the same time in the little gem of Via degli Stadi.

«Anyway, that’s fine – says the professor. Santo Mineo president of the ASD Youth Sports Center Catanzaro Lido and coach of Edoardo Alfieri -. Now we are thinking about the 10km road race on 26th September and the 20km on 30th September in Pescara where the two walking races will take place on the road and our. “Road driver” can, even with a parterre of athletes of a certain caliber, have his say. It’s a particular year for Edoardo: in Italy races went badly in Milazzo due to health problems and in Ancona due to referee evaluation after arrival. Then the commitment that made him great in Torun in Poland by winning 4 gold medals and related titles at the world championships and I believe that painstaking work and consistency will give the right results. He is the athlete to beat.” The ranking sees the Spaniard in 3rd place Pedro Jose Aranda Fernandez, German is in 4th place Herbert Klausthe Italian in 5th Giuseppe Iaia. Then again Italians, Poles, Austrians and Portuguese.