Newlyweds on the Emergency ship, cake on board: the “honeymoon” of hope


By John

A wedding cake to lift the mood of migrants on board, tested for several days rough sea, and thus give an impromptu celebration to a young married couple. It happened on the ship Life support Of Emergencydocked at the port of Ravenna just before 3pm, with 28 people, almost all Syrians, rescued in international waters while they were crossing the Mediterranean on an overloaded dinghy with a broken engine.

There were some operators of Emergency to have the idea of ​​the cake to celebrate the recent wedding of two migrants (he is around 30 years old, her age was not given), both of Damascus. For them the honeymoon it is a journey of hope towards a future elsewhere. They got married at the end of May and about a month later they embarked on the journey toEuropethanks to the money given for the wedding.

As reported by some members of the crew who collected their testimony, they traveled by car, passing by Lebanonthen theEgyptuntil entering Libyawhere they remained for about a month.

Six days ago they left on the boat of about six meters from Measured, until the intervention of Life support. «On board, there were many difficulties related to weather forecast and the long navigation in theAdriatic – the crew explain – there were moments with very high waves, an intense journey and to lift people’s morale a little we prepared the wedding cake shared with everyone.”

Now the dream is to get there Germany, to reunite with his parents, who have lived there for some time. «She is passionate about illustration and would like to continue in this area, her husband would like to finish his studies medicine – says a member of the crew – When they landed they were fine; they gave themselves strength in the most difficult moments, especially when the dinghy remained stationary in the middle of the Mediterranean, in the dark. Today they were relieved to have arrived in Italyhoping to be able to reach family members in Germany. But what will happen next is a great unknown for them; a chapter of uncertainty continues.”