Carpet checks by the police in the Cosentino area, children test positive for alcohol: licenses withdrawn and fines


By John

There police of State is implementing throughout the province of Cosenza there Saturday massacre prevention campaign evening due to driving impaired by alcohol and drugs. The intensification of services was implemented by the patrols of the Cosenza Traffic Police and the dependent departments both on the motorway section of the A2 Mediterranean between the Campotenese and Rogliano junctions, which on the main ordinary road arteries SS 18 – SS 106 and SS 107 Silana Crotonese.

With particular reference to the driving of vehicles following drug use, the checks of which were carried out at the request of the Police Commissioner of Cosenza and the presence of the State Police health worker in the city nightlife areas, 52 young drivers were identified.

Overall, 4 of them tested positive for alcohol, resulting in the withdrawal of their driving license, a heavy fine and deduction of points.. Another young road user was reported for driving impaired by drugs following a road accident.

The environmental protection activity carried out with the widespread control of workshops and car dismantlers is also incessant; in this regard, the Paola Traffic Police Detachment, coordinated by the Judicial Police Team of the Cosenza Section, has seized an illegal activity in the lower Tyrrhenian Sea in recent days. Specifically, the repair of large-engined vehicles was carried out inside an anonymous villa without any authorization or safety regulations on the workplace; furthermore, dangerous and degradable waste was stored in the adjacent yard. The places and materials were restricted for subsequent reclamation, with the owner of the house, a thirty-five year old local man, being referred to the judicial authority, which issued a specific provision.