Furgiuele and Loizzo (Lega): essential funds for railways and strengthening Calabria’s infrastructure


By John

«The remodulation of resources decided by the Calabria Region council is an important signal for the development of infrastructure in the area». This was declared by the Calabrian member of the League and deputy group leader Domenico Furgiuele.
«Thanks to the minister’s attention Matteo Salvini and the League, and to work on the councilor’s territory Emma Staine, the revision of the entire spending plan, over 100 million coming from the CAP for infrastructures and networks 2014/2020, has also allowed, among other interventions, the planning of the purchase of new trains to strengthen regional public transport services in the Reggio area, to a total of 46.5 million euros. Added to these are 20 million for infrastructure work, 7 million for the three airports in the area and 1 and a half million for the tourist railways in Sila. This is a clear change of pace compared to the past: concrete action is being taken on infrastructure, also with the horizon of the construction of the Bridge over the Strait, which represents a virtuous driving force for accelerating the development of the entire territory of the Region. An important milestone, achieved thanks to the League. Carry on like this”, he concludes.

On the same level the Calabrian deputy of the League, Simona Loizzo: «The news of the remodulation of the CAP funds decided by the Calabrian regional council is positive which, on the one hand allows the use of 100 million of funds that would otherwise have been lost, on the other it will allow the purchase of new rolling stock for 46.5 million euro with which to strengthen public rail transport services in the region”.
«Not only that, 20 million will be used for interventions on infrastructure, 1.5 for the tourist railways in the province of Cosenza and 7 million for interventions on airports. A work of common sense, which reaffirms the great attention of the League to the development of the territory: not only the interventions of Minister Salvini on infrastructures and the commitment on the Strait Bridge, but also targeted actions in local areas which today, thanks to the MIT, live a new impetus. Once again, thanks to the League, Italy and Calabria are starting again”, he concludes.