Cassano allo Ionio, the Via San Nicola complex of the IC “Giuseppe Troccoli” of Lauropoli returns to students and the community


By John

The Via San Nicola complex of the IC “Giuseppe Troccoli” of Lauropoli returns to students and the community. The ceremony, organized by the Sibarite municipality and the Troccoli institute, was held this morning. The works were entrusted in 2021, involving over 620 thousand euros and mainly concerned the seismic adaptation of the structure. The objective was to allow the school population to operate in healthy, decent, earthquake-proof, energy-efficient environments, adapted to the relevant regulations and modern technologies. It is from this perspective that the works that have affected the school building in via San Nicola di Lauropoli in recent months are framed.

Present at the ceremony – coordinated by the maestro Francesco Pitrelli – Mayor Giovanni Papasso, the full council, a representation of the city council headed by the Prime Minister Lino Notaristefanothe headteacher Michele Marzana, Loredana Giannicola, director of the provincial school office of Cosenza, Monsignor Francesco Savino, bishop of the Diocese of Cassano and vice-president of CEI, Rosa Correalevice prefect of the Prefecture of Cosenza, the parish priest Don Alessio De Stefano, the deputy commander of the local police, Marcello Papasso, the Colonel Giuseppe Maniglio commander of the Sibari Financial Police Group, municipal managers and employees, as well as many children, their parents, school staff and citizens who came to see the modernized school.

«Today is a beautiful day – began the director Marzana – for the school in general but also for Lauropoli and Cassano. We return to a historic complex and this can only please us. The reopening of this complex represents the great attention that the municipal administration has for us and for the school and for this I must thank, in addition to everyone who worked hard for the reopening, Mayor Papasso who is always at our side. Now let’s take care of this complex.” «We are faced with a beautiful image of community – said the USR manager Cosenza Giannicola – of all those who work together to make a school such. The school becomes the place where everyone contributes to carrying out the educational project that is our children. A neighborhood school, then, is even more important because it gives them the key to imagining their own future and gives the neighborhood the possibility of future development that can have repercussions on the entire territory.” «While we return this complex to the children and to the school in general – began Mayor Papasso – this morning we handed over the works to demolish the nursery school in Via Amendola and the gym and we will build the new nursery school, the nursery, and we will rebuild the gym. But these are just some of the interventions that we have implemented and will carry out in the field of school buildings. Today I am particularly proud to be mayor, I especially embrace boys and girls.”

Papasso thanked and welcomed Dr. Correale, vice-prefect of Cosenza, to the city for her very welcome presence because her being here today in Lauropoli, in particular representing the Prefecture, has an even stronger meaning. A beautiful neighborhood where the State is, it wants to be more and more and we will strive to carry forward a path of legality.

«The building was built shortly after the beginning of the twentieth century – the mayor further explained – and is very old. The Germans burned it when they fled at the end of the war. So modernizing it also means a lot from a historical point of view. We want to show more and more the real Cassano which is this one, made up of respectable people, not that of the crime news. Then there is evil everywhere and we will fight it to the end without stopping.” Following this, Bishop Savino clearly said how “today a beautiful page of local history and hope is being written” because in a world where indifference reigns supreme, reopening a school is a strong act of hope towards the future. Finally, Dr. Correale thanked everyone for the invitation to participate in today’s beautiful day, explaining how «school is fundamental because it represents the second step after the family in the formation of the personality of our children so that they develop respect for civic sense and of the rules. School, today, must teach that democracy cannot ignore rules and civic sense. Having a beautiful, cutting-edge school – said the vice-prefect in conclusion – is also important because it helps you study better.”

Correale reciprocated Mayor Papasso’s thanks by underlining how «Papasso’s sensitivity and dedication to a difficult area like this one is maximum. The mayor of Cassano was a forerunner of the Ministry of the Interior’s directives on combating urban decay and safeguarding the territories safely, which is why we cannot help but have mutual respect for each other.”

After the speeches, ribbon cutting entrusted to doctors Correale and Giannicola and a small student, tour of the classrooms and the complex and ritual toast with the hope that the Cassano ruling class that will come will emerge from this institute too.