Cassano denounces the referee of the match against Sersale for the alleged racist phrases, documents to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office


By John

The racist phrases that the referee allegedly addressed to the Cassano Sybaris players after the match against Sersale end up at the federal prosecutor’s office. The match, valid for the Group A championship, was played last Sunday at Pietro Toscano. At the end of the match the president of Cassano-Sybaris, Giuseppe Azzolino, together with some players, had reported having received “racist insults” from the referee. While the racial insults perpetrated by some “fans”, if they can be defined as such, are being discussed on the pitches across half of Europe, in Cassano the protagonist would have been the black jacket.
The referee who became the unexpected protagonist of a real “invective show” is from the Catanzaro section. Clubs and players were also about to abandon the championship, which sees them fifth in the standings launched for the play offs, but in the end – fortunately – this will not be the case. «We have thought about it – commented President Azzolino – and we will not do it, because it is not right. But we filed a report to tell the story of the shame that happened on the pitch.”
A furious argument for which Azzolino received a ten-month disqualification as well as a fine of seven hundred euros to the club. «To add insult to injury – he said bitterly – a sporting massacre, and innocent kids treated like rags on the ground, people who live very far from home, who make enormous sacrifices, who also send part of their salaries to their families because we know everyone is well, what a terrible time Argentina has been going through for years.” But in the last few hours the news has arrived: «Regarding the facts reported by the Cassano Sybaris company relating to the match played by the latter on 4 February against Sersale, we inform you that by decision of the President of the Calabria Regional Referees Committee, in the person of the president Francesco Longoin agreement with the president of the NLD Calabria (Saverio Mirarchi), it was decided to immediately transmit the documents to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office so that the latter can ascertain what happened and bring out the truth”. This is what we read in a note from the Calabria Regional Referees Committee, signed by president Francesco Longo. A situation, therefore, still to be clarified.