Catanzaro, a commission on Parco Romani: work is underway to establish the organization


By John

An ad hoc commission on Parco Romani, made up of city councilors and internal and external technicians. The prospect should take shape at the beginning of next week, when the last pieces of that plan indicated by the mayor will fall into place Nicola Fiorita in the past months, when the spotlight came back on the unfinished mega project in the Sala district. Just last Wednesday the city councilor Giovanni Costa (Lega Salvini) has registered the request for establishment to the president of the municipal council Gianmichele Bosco.
In the document, Costa indicated two experts (who followed the story), the lawyers Sacks And Amendola; in opposition, in addition to Costa himself, another councilor will have to be identified. President Bosco will then carry out the process during which two councilors for the majority and two internal technicians of the organization will be indicated. Once these steps have been taken – for which there should then be a “seal” from the Chamber -, the commission will be able to get to work to begin analyzing the intricate situation of Parco Romani and draw up a plan that can allow the structure to be brought to right tracks, those, hitherto never achieved, which must lead to its use.