Catanzaro called to break the fast against Ternana


By John

Hunt for goals and the first victory in the league. Catanzaro goes on a mission after the excellent draw in Cremona. Iemmello, Biasci, Donnarumma and Curcio are the men to choose from to tie a thread and beat Ternana on the neutral in Lecce. Tie a thread and break another: in Serie B there is a streak of eight games in a row without success to forget. The full house in the category has been missing since April 2006 and since a 2-0 away win against… Ternana.

Even if at the home of one of the favorites for the promotion, the 0-0 draw with Cremonese was an exceptional event by Vivarini’s standards, who in the last year and a half has failed just three times (the last one on 12 February last in Viterbo) and has various solutions in hand to rediscover old habits. Individuals and tactics. With an extra week of work in their legs, Iemmello and Biasci may not be at the top yet, but they are certainly better off than last Saturday. Above all the captain, who had the biggest opportunity on the right with Cremonese, will try to make up for it with interest.

Iemmello hasn’t scored in B for two and a half years, but has the impetus of the 31 goals scored last season between the league, cup and Super Cup of C. Pietro the sentence wants to repeat itself like last year, when in all the first home games he was punctual like a tax collector. The same is true for Biasci, the goal twin who 12 months ago had started a thousand and lived a complicated evening in Cremona: after 16 goals in the last tournament, the Tuscan aims to place his first signing in Serie B. From the staff technician to the club, everyone is convinced that the number 28 can also have an impact in a category that he only attended in passing at the beginning of his career.

Should he have the chance (as he takes over in the second half, he will hardly be a starter), Curcio will also look for the first appointment with the goal in the cadet tournament. At the age of 33, the oldest rookie among the Giallorossi is perhaps also the most stimulated by this test, unprecedented for him, with the B: the desire to prove himself up to the task after scoring Catanzaro’s first center of the season (against Foggia in Coppa Italia) is the additional spring.

And then there’s Donnarumma, who limited himself to breaking the ice in the last half hour in Cremona, but will arrive in Lecce in improved conditions and with an assimilation of the schemes. In addition, he will face his recent past, Ternana who loaned him to Catanzaro just before August 15th: after 16 goals in two seasons with the Umbrians, confirming the former’s law wouldn’t be bad.

Vivarini’s solutions to hit opponents are not limited to attackers. The large external battery will have both D’Andrea in the engine (after returning from disqualification) that the last Stoppa purchase, who made his debut with Sampdoria last Saturday against Ternana (in the final). And not only that, because the coach could also vary the tactical theme: the three-man midfield with Sounas as an unbalanced midfielder or attacking midfielder is an option to take into consideration.