Catanzaro, Ceravolo Award to De Zerbi: “I want to be authentic”


By John

“In football there are many people who see things differently, I don't want to imitate anyone, I admire them Guardiola, Ancelotti, Klopp, Arteta, Conte, Sarri but I want to be authentic, myself. Everyone plays for the result, but there are those who take the path that feels most yours and on the pitch I try to always bring who I am.” This is how you began, mister Roberto De Zerbi – who recently left the Brighton bench – awarded the eleventh edition of the Nicola Ceravolo Award in Catanzaro, created by the journalist Maurizio Insardà, in memory of the unforgettable president of the Giallorossi team. Ceremony presented by the journalist Monica Bertini with the editorial director of Italpress and coordinator of the award, Italo Cucci, compared on stage with the guest of the evening. “I would like to go to another country where I haven't been, try to impress the same game in different places,” said De Zerbi. “I believe that Italian coaches are the best, always at the forefront, few can beat us in understanding the game. The environment outside changes, in our country the result changes everything, abroad people live differently.”

Interpreter of the beautiful game, despite the Catenaccia tradition cited by director Cucci, De Zerbi commented as follows: “I have also played on the fields in C, coaches can be decisive in giving you discipline, organization and confidence, but they don't win matches. In the end, whoever has the strongest squad overall wins. Spalletti performed a miracle in Naples. Gasperini has changed Serie A not today, not for many years.” The coach also spoke about Italy involved in the upcoming European Championships: “The national team has many very good players, but it doesn't have a star like Baggio, Totti or Del Piero of some Years ago. The player with that charm is missing, only Spalletti can fill the gap. It's not a question of age or nationality, but of the value of the player who, in those years, was probably at a different level. I believe in young people, but if they are strong and deserve to play, personality counts on the pitch. Perhaps in Italy there is a lack of adequate youth sectors, because we are always trying to save and we want everything immediately.”

The president of Catanzaro was also awarded during the evening, Floriano Noto, who recalled “the sacrifices of Nicola Ceravolo, at the time of Serie A, and which are still repaid today by the Giallorossi people who, even from very far away, continue to follow us”. Also awarded was the captain and bomber of the Eagles, Pietro Iemmello, linked to De Zerbi by the experience lived together in Foggia. The “Emanuele Giacoia” journalistic award was awarded by Riccardo Giacoiaeditor-in-chief of Tgr Calabria, at the voice of Tutto il calcio minute by minute, Tonino Raffa. The Ceravolo Prize roll of honor includes illustrious names such as Claudio Ranieri, Fabio Capello, Antonio Conte, Marcello Lippi, Cesare Prandelli, Javier Zanetti, Carlo Ancelotti, Luciano Spalletti, Roberto Mancini and Andrea Barzagli

Photogallery by Salvatore and Romana Monteverde