Catanzaro, check with a view to the “future” each one’s own strategy


By John

Post-vote assessments for the European elections, regional reasoning, internal party struggles and long-term strategies in view of the future municipal elections. There is also all this in the political verification launched by the mayor Nicola Fiorita to try to broaden the perimeter of the majority and give new objectives to administrative action. In addition to the centripetal movements towards the mixed group, which was written about yesterday, there are less obvious aspects because they are all internal to the political forces, in particular the majority but also “straddling” between it and a part of the opposition.
In order, it was said that the “engine” of the verification should be the Fiorita-Talerico relationship, in light of the latter’s move to the ranks of Forza Italia. It should be considered, meanwhile, that the regional and municipal councilor is a key element of the majority: his support arrived in the runoff and officially, so this bond will hardly be broken by the verification. Talerico is also at the center of the blue dynamics that see a part of FI in opposition at Palazzo De Nobili. The group led in the chamber by Luigi Levato is not at all tender towards his party colleague and, indeed, has often asked him to choose which side to be on – on this the regional councilor has always clarified that “first tier” FI exponents such as Occhiuto and Cannizzaro have never vetoed his permanence in the majority at the Municipality – and has not failed to also attack councilors in the Talerico quota.