Catanzaro, councilor Costanzo: on Viale Crotone numerous potholes and horizontal signs now faded


By John

“For years now, the horizontal signs on Viale Crotone in the seaside district of Catanzaro have been discolored and both the pedestrian crossings and the lines separating the carriageways and sidewalks are now invisible or deteriorated along the entire road axis. The conditions faced by the major roads are unequivocally not decent and constitute a source of danger for motorists and (above all) for pedestrians, considering the presence of educational institutions and numerous commercial and entrepreneurial activities”. The City Councilor stated this in a note: Sergio Costanzo

“A road, therefore, which plays an important role in the road structure of the seaside district – continued Costanzo – which deserves greater attention from the municipal administration. Close to the summer season, the period in which the district sees a significant increase in vehicular traffic, it is necessary to address the critical issues present on the artery which range from: the lack of adequate horizontal and vertical signs, to the arrangement of the road surface which presents numerous potholes, but which also includes the cleaning of the pavements and ditches transformed into real mini waste dumps. A painting that certainly does not bode well for the decorum and image of a neighborhood that represents the city's window onto the sea. The importance of addressing these issues in a timely manner should be emphasised, to ensure smooth and safe traffic for residents and visitors during the summer period. I therefore invite the mayor, the councilor for traffic and hygiene of the territory to take the proposal into due consideration in order to improve the quality of life and road safety for resident citizens and for those who pass through it daily.”