Catanzaro doesn’t go beyond a draw against Cittadella. The Giallorossi make a comeback with Donnarumma


By John


MARKERS 3′ pt Carissoni (Ci), 26′ Donnarumma on penalty

CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignati 6; Katseris 7.5 (38′ st Oliveri sv), Scognamillo 6.5, Brighenti 7, Veroli 6.5; Sounas 6.5 (13′ st Stoppa 6), Ghion 6, Verna 6.5, Vandeputte 5.5; Donnarumma 6.5 (13′ st Iemmello 6), Biasci 6.5 (27′ st D’Andrea 6). Coaches: Milani (Vivarini disqualified) 6

CITADEL (4-3-1-2) Kastrati 7; Salvi 6.5, Pavan 6.5, Angeli 6.5, Carissoni 6; Vita 5.5 (32′ st Tessiore sv), Branca 6.5, Carriero 6 (41′ st Kornvig sv); Cassano 6 (9′ st Danzi 5.5); Maistrello 6 (9′ st Pittarello 5.5), Magrassi 5.5 (41′ st Baldini sv). All.: Gorini 6

REFEREE Ghersini of Genoa 6

NOTE 9,407 spectators, revenue of approximately 89,000 euros (4,399 season ticket holders). Salvi, Pittarello and Branca are booked. Corners 5-2. Rec. 5′; 5′

A draw to move the rankings further. On points, Catanzaro would have deserved something more, but after conceding a cold goal, after just three laps of the clock, it is better to look at the glass half full, pampering the reaction against a grumpy opponent like Cittadella, embracing Donnarumma who converted a penalty that was returned following a VAR report after he had shot the first very badly. The 1-1 goes well and gives the Giallorossi a minimum amount of fuel for the trip to Marassi against Sampdoria: it’s Serie B, no longer the C of last year, so if you can’t win, all the better not to lose, especially on an evening in which the right wing shone (very good Katseris), not the left (Vandeputte remained off).
The start was a blast, because the Venetians took the first action: Cassano stole the ball in the area from Ghion, on the cross Katseris’ header reached the edge of the area at the feet of Carissoni, who had time to take aim and beat Fulignati in the bottom right corner. Ghersini validated after the VAR check and for Catanzaro it was immediately a steep climb against a visibly lively opponent who was good at pressing from his own midfield down. Catanzaro struggled to find space at the start, but when he made a hole he managed to do so on the right thanks to the push of Katseris, who escaped Carissoni a couple of times. Again from the right, but this time on the Ghion-Sounas-Donnarumma axis, Biasci’s pass in the center of the area produced the penalty (foul by Vita): Donnarumma’s shot was a pass to Kastrati (24′), but Ghersini, following a report from the VAR, had it repeated because the visiting goalkeeper had moved over the line. The replay, although touched by Kastrati, was powerful and angled just right for the equalizer (26′). With the 1-1 draw Catanzaro broke up, in transition Biasci launched Vandeputte – never seen before – who on the following corner engaged Kastrati directly from the flag. Cittadella tried to throw towards the Maistrello tower, but was no longer able to find the remedies to the home phrasing, which also began to hammer from the left. The last thrill, however, was for Catanzaro: free kick by Branca, gored by Maistrello just wide.
Same script in the second half: Katseris launched to the right, Verna challenged Kastrati from outside. Iemmello and Stoppa replaced Donnarumma and Sounas in the 13th minute: both new players gave Kastrati something to do from outside. Then D’Andrea for Biasci, Catanzaro continued to press, but behind Cittadella he never again left an opening except on a free kick from which Iemmello was blocked again by Kastrati.

Photo by Salvatore Monteverde