Municipality of Catanzaro, there will be no commission on the Pnrr


By John

There isn’t a real white smoke yet the new Regulation for the functioning of the City Council is now in the phase of defining the final details. If during last summer it was thought to fire him in August, in reality the political-technical discussion on the document that will have to regulate every aspect of the institutional life of the city assembly and its permanent commissions (defined both in the number and in the organization of works) required further investigation. Now the intention is to approve it by next October but, at this point, before indicating a date it will be better to wait for the document to arrive at the conference of group leaders.
Approximately nine months of gestation saw a bipartisan discussion which saw a transversal working group made up of councilors at work Antonello Talerico for the majority e Marco Polimeni (former president of the city council) for the opposition. After the interventions in the Third Commission, where the draft was sent by the Prime Minister Gianmichele Bosco, it was the turn of the offices where the draft was analyzed from a technical point of view and from that of compliance with the Statute, to then return to the commission again.
From the old Regulation, for example, all those articles relating to aspects which no longer exist have been removed: think of the funds relating to groups or decentralization (constituencies). The number of permanent commissions should remain five; However, the supervisory and control body for transparency would be established, whose presidency would go to the opposition. Unless there is further news, therefore, the advisory body on Pnrr and European funds would not be createdmatters that will probably be included among the responsibilities of the existing commissions as part of an overall reorganization.