Catanzaro doesn’t trust Spezia. Brighenti disqualified, in his place Antonini favored over Miranda THE WORDS OF VIVARINI


By John

A complicated away match after an equally complicated transfer market. The match against Spezia to try to regain momentum and enthusiasm, also forgetting the bitterness of not having received the last reinforcement that was needed. On the eve of the trip to Liguria, Vivarini he protected his group, “for whom a statue really needs to be built”, he underlined the concept of symbiosis with the fans and he did not deny himself a somewhat piqued clarification on the signing campaign.

So the counterpart of his “I’m very confident” about today’s match was an eloquent comment in its parsimony: “I’m stating the facts on the market, we had four exits plus the injury of Ghion and only two entries, I have nothing else to say.” In reality, in the farewell poker the coach counted out Welbeck and Bombagi (never called up) e Katseris who couldn’t be retained given that Lorient paid him around two million (“I’m very happy with his development”), but the meaning is clear, just as the need to add a top striker to be complete was clear.
Dangers. However, with the transfer market closed the coach focused above all on the pitch and the team. Indeed, on the teams, his and the opposing team: «We are fine, we have dusted off many situations and the positive tactical ideas from the match against Palermo. The group was attentive, it metabolised those things and became aware, because it started thinking in the right way again, there was a big improvement in the application of the things to do”. There will be an absolute need against Spezia, recovering after the 3-2 success in Pisa and upset with the market. The Ligurians are a big team, even if they are last in the standings: «They have an absolute level, especially individually. By winning in Tuscany with humility and sacrifice they gained conviction, we will certainly have to fight. Spezia comes from Serie A, they have changed coach, they are different compared to the first leg (when they were beaten 3-0, ed.), they are good at starting again. We will have to try to limit people like Verde and not just him, because they are spoiled for choice up front, not give them depth, but I have an exceptional team that will put out a high-level performance.”
Surprise? Brighenti is disqualified: in his place Antonini is favored over Miranda even if Vivarini did not go too far: «He has yet to enter into our mechanisms, but he is very predisposed to our principles», he explained of the former; «He has grown in a crazy way, he is explosive and fast, he will arrive in Serie A», he said of the second, on loan from Sassuolo, after having pointed out his disappointment «for the departure of Krastev», recalled from Fiorentina and transferred to Feralpi: «He was arrived from the Primavera and we worked hard on it, now it was ready.” In between Pompetti and Verna (in the picture) because Petriccione «is fitting in, he has quality, but it’s hard to be immediately ready for our particular principles, even if he has all the characteristics and potential to do it, let’s see if he will have a few more minutes», he pointed out referring to the playmaker’s entry in the final against Palermo. The real surprise in the 4-4-2 can emerge in attack: Iemmello is a bit bruised, so Biasci and Ambrosino starting is the eventuality that should not surprise the thousand of Giallorossi supporters at the “Picco”. «The boys are going beyond expectations and we continue to let those we have give their best. I appeal to the fans even if there is no need, in Serie B there are clubs with disproportionate budgets, but if we motivate our players we will get great satisfaction. The return round – he reiterated – is a completely different matter, we will face better opponents than in the first leg, so we too will have to be better than we have already been.”