Farmers on tractors block supermarket depots in Belgium


By John

After the Thursday siege in Brussels, the tractor protest in Belgium moves to the border with Holland.

In Flanders, blockages are reported on the A12, E19 and E34. Several motorway toll booths in the Netherlands are closed on entry and exit. Dutch authorities advise citizens who need to travel to Belgium to postpone their trip. The situation has instead returned to the Belgian capital, where calm has returned after the protests staged by the 1300 tractors present yesterday. Some blocks are also recorded in Wallonia.

The pressure from farmers in Belgium is increasing more and more. Blockades at supermarket distribution centers are multiplying. The heaviest actions were recorded in various warehouses scattered across the country of the large chains Colruyt, Delhaize and Lidl.

In France, most of the tractors were removed after the Prime Minister’s announcement

In the aftermath of the announcements by Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and President Emmanuel Macron, the vast majority of French farmers are putting an end to the mobilization that led to the blocking of roads around Paris with tractors. There remain some critical points for circulation and for some dissidents with respect to the main unions who have not yet demobilized. Two weeks after the start of the protest, the unions that bring together the vast majority of the category, the Fnsea and the Young Farmers, launched an appeal last night to suspend the road blocks given the announcements of Attal, who announced about fifteen measures to support of agriculture.

“We must change our mode of action and we invite our members to suspend the blockades and to adopt a new form of mobilisation, said the leaders of the two unions. The symbol of the farmers’ anger, the convoy of around a hundred tractors which left Agen, in the south-west and arrived at the general markets of Rungis (Paris), began returning after two days ago about eighty demonstrators from the group were stopped and reported for damage. They had managed to enter the general markets despite being watched seen by dozens of gendarmerie armored vehicles.
In the Paris region, motorways are still experiencing disruptions this morning, but should be cleared within a few hours and restored to traffic. The smaller unions, in particular the Confédération paysanne (left-wing) which has already made it known that it wants to continue the mobilization, continues the roadblocks around Lyon and in the Toulouse region (south-west).