Catanzaro flies and on a roller coaster beats Lecco 5-3


By John

How do you say? Ah yes, tooth and nail. With a lot of heart, too. And with the shots of those who have been running the show for two years. Verna one goal, Sounas two, Iemmello and Biasci another each: Catanzaro beat Lecco 5-3 after a match that seemed endless. And that it wasn’t for the faint of heart, between reversals on one side and the other, embarrassing defenses and a fair chill for the eight-thousanders of the “Ceravolo” who then returned home warm after this success which put them back at very high altitude the Giallorossi (awaiting the matches on Saturday and Sunday) and closed the bad parenthesis of three defeats in a row. Welcome 2024.

Vivarini confirmed the rumors from the day before, therefore 4-4-2 with Pontisso replacing Ghion, Iemmello starting again. The attitude expected from Lecco was also confirmed, with the 4-3-3 being very aggressive from the start. Catanzaro didn’t stay and watch for long: the first two (high) conclusions were from Iemmello – corner kick scheme – and Biasci for a pass from the captain, who then had the biggest chance (12′) at the end of a central incursion: central shot and easy save by Melgrati.

The home striker started strong and guaranteed his usual contribution in the advanced play by mending the units, not only in looking for depth, also caught on a transition triggered by a recovery by Katseris and finished by Biasci (16′, right to the side) .

In short, Catanzaro pushed hard as if there hadn’t been the break and three defeats in a row and took the deserved advantage within 2′: Vandeputte’s corner from the left, Verna’s flat shot to the far post and the ball in the hole. For the midfielder it was the third goal of the season, the second against Lecco after the one in the first leg.

The Lombards equalized with the first shot on goal: the ball went to Di Stefano who took advantage of the indecision of Brighenti and Krajnc in closing, of Fulignati slow in diving, to hit with his right foot from the edge. And they overturned the result in the second: Ionita’s cross from the right to Lemmens who headed it into the small area, jumping between Krajnc and Vandeputte. In 4′ (between 25′ and 29′) an unexpected revolution and Catanzaro unexpectedly fragile, especially in defence.

Melgrati (32′) performed a semi-miracle on the right with a sure shot from Vandeputte (great throw from Pontisso and assist from Sounas after a magnificent stop), but on the other side Lemmens – who pushed a lot on the right – couldn’t find the just the bottom corner to the left of Fulignati. Before the break the Giallorossi forced, conclusions from Verna and Katseris. As soon as he finished, Catanzaro started again and in the 3rd minute he became master of his destiny again: Vandeputte-Biasci vertical and ball to Sounas who turned in the center of the area and struck, turning like a real attacker. At 7′ the roar: recovery by Pontisso, cross by Vandeputte, scratch by Iemmello and 3-2. Did it look done? Nope. Another cross from Ionita and Novacovich jumped in the middle of the area (again between Brighenti and Krajnc) to make it 3-3. Rollercoaster at the highest level: Verna for Iemmello, lob and header by Sounas in goal which became official after a long check by the VAR to check for any offside by the captain (who wasn’t there). In the final, Lecco gave up a bit, Catanzaro didn’t and scored their fifth goal with Biasci, one of the best. A nice general “fiuuuuu” rose from the “Ceravolo”.


SCOREERS 18′ pt Verna (C), 25′ Di Stefano (L), 29′ Lemmens (L); 3′ st Sounas (C), 7′ Iemmello (C), 9′ Novakovich (L), 20′ Sounas (C) 43′ Biasci (C)


Fulignati 5.5; Katseris 6 (16′ st Situm 6), Scognamillo 5.5, Brighenti 5, Krajnc 5.5 (29′ st Krastev sv); Sounas 7.5, Verna 7, Pontisso 6.5 (16′ st Pompetti 6), Vandeputte 7 (41′ st Stoppa sv); Iemmello 7 (29′ st Ambrosino sv), Biasci 7.5. All. Vivarini 6.5

LECCO (4-3-3)

Melgrati 6; Lemmens 6.5 (34′ st Salcedo sv), Marrone 5.5, Bianconi 5, Lepore 6 (49′ st Guglielmotti sv); Ionita 7, Sersanti 6, Crusade 6; Di Stefano 6.5 (1st Judges 6), Novakovich 6.5, Buso 6.5. Annex Bonazzoli 6

REFEREE Maresca di Napoli 6.5

ASSISTANTS Trinchieri 6-Belsanti 6

NOTES paying 2,673, collection not communicated; subscribers 5,393, share not communicated. Lemmens, Scognamillo, Sounas, Krajnc and Crociata were booked. Corners 9-3. Rec. 3′; 8′.