The ADSP of Messina begins the procedures to draw up master plans for the ports of Milazzo, Villa, Reggio and Saline


By John

On 29 December 2023, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport approved the Strategic Programming Document for the Strait Ports System at the conclusion of a complex procedure, which was, among other things, modified during the proceedings following the issuing of the Constitutional Court Ruling. n. 6/2023.
The contents of the DPSS, according to the regulatory provisions, define the development objectives of the individual ports falling within the competence of the Strait Port System Authority and include both the last mile infrastructural connections, external to the port area, of a road and rail type that the port, retroport and port-city interaction areas.
Following the adoption of the tool by the Management Committee in May 2023 the opinions of the Municipalities of Messina, Milazzo, Pace del Mela, San Filippo del Mela, Villa San Giovanni, Reggio Calabria and Montebello Jonico were acquired in the services conference, who have expressed their indications in the medium and long-term programmatic choices for the development of the system’s ports.
The process continued with the acquisition in the programming document of the agreements of the Sicilian Region and the Calabria Region, which showed the maximum spirit of institutional collaboration.
With the approval by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport of the Strait Port System Strategic Programming Document, theSystem Authority has started the procedures for the drafting of the Port Regulatory Plans of Milazzo, Villa San Giovanni, Reggio Calabria and Saline.