Catanzaro, great emotions with the “acoustic” concert by Carmen Consoli


By John

An intimate concert, in which the songs return to being naked, just as they were born. She described it like this Carmen Consoli, and so was the concert he held last night at the Politeama theatre, yet another big-ticket event of the twentieth Autumn Festival. Together with Massimo Roccaforte to guitars and Alessandro Murania on the violin, Consoli presented some of his most famous songs to the Catanzaro public, rendering them in a new, fresh way with a renewed power. The concert began with the famous “Parole di burro”, to continue with “Fiori d’arancio”, “Mago Magone”, “L’ultimo kiss”, three others, but also “Pioggia d’April”, “Mio uncle”, and the songs dedicated to his two most important men, his son Carlo (“Una Domenica al mare”) and his father (“Send us a postcard”).
There was also a tribute to the Sicilian singer-songwriter Rosa Balistreri with “Buttana de to ma” and “Canta e cunta”, but also the usual homage to Franco Battiato with “Stranizza d’amuri”. For her happy return to the Autumn Festival Carmen Consoli literally spared no effort, managing to perfectly make up for the absence of the rhythmic session, as the concert was acoustic: she dominated the stage with enviable energy and determination, introducing with the songs were few words, enthusing from the first verses an excited audience who let themselves be carried away without any resistance, on his notes. «Ni sapemu sentiri», he said in Sicilian to say that we understand each other, due to the similarity of our languages, before dedicating five encores to the Catanzaro public, with the beautiful “Blunotte”, followed by “Amore di plastic” – with the theater who sang it entirely together with her -, “Confusa e Felice”, “In Bianco e Nero”, before finally greeting the audience with “Venere”, and granting a few handshakes and autographs to those who rushed under the stage at the end of the concert.