Catanzaro, Iemmello is not well and is heading towards withdrawal: the attacking tandem changes in Ascoli


By John

The attack on Ascoli could be unprecedented. It is very likely that the captain will have to miss the trip to the Marche region, so the fight for succession is open. At least at this moment, Ambrosino is the strongest candidate to join Biasci, but it cannot be ruled out that things will change in the next few days.
Yesterday Iemmello underwent an MRI on his left knee, which was painful and swollen after the blow suffered in a clash during the first half of the match against Pisa. The examination highlighted the presence of a mild bone edema, which therefore does not appear to be anything serious, but which still forces the player and the staff to tread carefully: to begin with, no training sessions in the next few hours but only specific therapies waiting for the knee to deflate and the pain to pass, possibly also new diagnostic investigations.
In short, it is difficult to imagine that Iemmello could play in Ascoli (however his withdrawal has not yet been granted) and it is not possible to know whether he will have to sit out the following matches or not: the recovery times will be known shortly.
The substitution between him and Ambrosino in the 7th minute of the second half against Pisa was much needed (Iemmello wasn’t well and it showed) how important, given that the number 70 broke the deadlock in the match with an amen, with his left foot, tilting a plan that was perhaps even slightly uphill in favor of the Giallorossi.
Last Saturday was their fourth direct substitution and the earliest, considering the minute in which it occurred and Vivarini’s orientation, which generally changes the attackers around the hour of play (but lately he has been relying on the captain almost until the end).
Ambrosino is now physically well, he has recovered the ground lost when he arrived from Napoli injured and is charged with the ball after his first center for the Giallorossi.
This is why he is the favorite to take over the captaincy in the next match. He doesn’t have the same experience as his more experienced teammate, perhaps not even all the movements towards the center of the pitch or the vision of the game that transforms Iemmello into an excellent advanced playmaker, but Ambrosino also likes to play with and for the team, he has shown knowing how to make it go up as well as having a presence in the area.
And then he would have deserved a chance as a starter sooner if the goal twins hadn’t hit both Cosenza in a row that Palermo with a double stratospheric test. In the Marche he should join Biasci and who knows, the new pair might not go well anyway.
Alfredo Donnarumma should also recover for Ascoli Vivarini, who continued to work separately to get rid of the discomfort in a calf, but he can return to the group in the double session scheduled for the day in Giovino: his recovery would be essential especially if Catanzaro were forced to give up in Iemmello.
Situm, however, has already returned to the group, having trained with his teammates after three weeks in the pits (also due to a calf): between the Croatian and Katseris, Vivarini is spoiled for choice on the right lane.