Gérard Depardieu shock, sexist comments even on a little girl: new embarrassing videos


By John

Like a “monster but no longer truly sacred”: new embarrassing videos broadcast by Complément d’Enquete, the investigative program of French public television, reveal an unrestrained Gérard Depardieu, more uninhibited than ever in his sexist and sexual comments, even towards a little girl. Images that date back to 2018, when the “sacred monster” actor of French cinema went to North Korea to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Pyongyang regime, alongside the writer and director, Yann Moix.

Upon returning from that controversial visit to Kim Yong-Un’s kingdom, Moix edited a documentary, never seen or broadcast before, of which “Complément d’enquete” broadcast some excerpts as part of a special episode dedicated to Depardieu, broadcast in aired yesterday on France 2.

In the video, the same interpreter chosen to accompany the actor to North Korea is the subject of sexual advances and jokes. Visiting a riding school, he tells her that «women love riding horses, their clitoris rubs on the saddle pommel. They are great whores.”

Then, watching a ten-year-old girl riding a horse, he adds: “If the horse gallops, she enjoys it.” Then he suggests to the interpreter that he take up horse racing. “It’s very good,” Depardieu underlines, adding that women who practice horse riding “also really love… other things.”

Depardieu seems to think of nothing else. After weighing himself on a scale, he announces to the interpreter: «124 (kg), 124 dear! And I don’t even have an erection. Erect: 126! And again: «Everything here is made of wood, like my cock. I have a beam in my underwear.” Then the request for a photo together to “touch the actor’s ass”. “Gérard Depardieu is a monster but no longer truly sacred”, is the merciless comment of the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, in an article dedicated to the actor’s exploits in North Korea.

Meanwhile, in the columns of Le Figaro, Yann Moix denounces the unauthorized dissemination of those images. «It was my producer who gave part of my footage without warning. His name is Anthony Dufour. I will file a complaint against him.” But both the latter and the editorial staff of Complèment d’Enquete assure that everything is in order.

Meanwhile, in the world of cinema and TV there are those who distance themselves from the actor. «It makes me want to vomit», comments Justine Becattini (Juju Fitcats), presenter of the program “La France a un incroyable talent”, addressing Depardieu: “If we riders ride horses, it’s because those ‘animals’ are much more human , intelligent and respectful of her.”

At least sixteen women have accused the actor with the dual French and Russian passport of sexual abuse. Depardieu has been under investigation since 2020 for rape against the actress Charlotte Arnould and was accused more recently by the actress Hélène Darras, in the context of an alleged sexual assault perpetrated in 2007, during the filming of the film Disco. Titled “Gérard Depardieu: the fall of the ogre”, the latest episode of “Complèment d’Enquete” was seen last night by 1.52 million viewers.