Catanzaro ko at the “Ceravolo” against Sampdoria. Now head to the play-off against Brescia on Saturday 18 May at home


By John

Catanzaro – Sampdoria 1-3

Markers: 4' pt Borini (S) on penalty, 39' Oliveri (C); 13' and 15' st Borini (S)

Catanzaro (4-4-2) Room 6.5; Oliveri 6.5 (33' st Situm sv), Miranda 6, Brighenti 6, Krajnc 6; Sounas 6 (43' st Rafele sv), Pompetti 5.5 (33' st Pontisso sv), Verna 6, Stoppa 6; Iemmello 5.5 (17' st Biasci 6), Donnarumma 6 (17' st Brignola 6). Annex Vivarini 6

Sampdoria (3-4-2-1) Stankovic 6.5; Leoni 6, Ghilardi 6 (16' st Depaoli 6), Gonzalez 6 (16' st Piccini 6); Stojanovic 7, Ricci 6.5, Darboe 7 (33' st Verre sv), Giordano 6; Esposito 6.5 (22' st Benedetti 6), Borini 8 (22' st Alvarez 6); De Luca 7. Coach Pirlo 7

Referee Perenzoni of Rovereto 6

Note Viewers 9,161, takings of 125,979. Miranda, Gonzalez, Giordano, Ghilardi are booked. Corners 3-6. Rec: 3', 4'.

Gala evening and entertainment: almost everything as expected. The result didn't matter, the 3-1 defeat suffered by Sampdoria doesn't weigh because Catanzaro was sure of fifth place for a while, but the blackout that triggered the one-two for Sampdoria around the hour mark leaves a bit of bitter in the mouth because they commit serious negligence the ones you least expect it from, first Iemmello and then Pompetti. In short, in the space of 2' the Eagles ruined all the good they had done up to that point, because Borini immediately took the lead from a penalty, but after that the home team played and deserved a draw with a nice goal from Oliveri for the entire first half and they also start the recovery well until the light goes out. It matters little and nothing changes, nor does the applause of the fans stop: what matters is the preliminary round of the playoffs that the Giallorossi will play next Saturday at the “Ceravolo” against Brescia.