Catanzaro never stops: they beat Pisa and are again third in the standings


By John


MARKERS 8′ st Ambrosino (C), 37′ st own goal by Marin (P)
CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignati 6.5; Katseris 7.5, Scognamillo 7, Brighenti 7, Krajnc 6.5; Sounas 6.5 (41′ st Oliveri sv), Pompetti 6.5 (27′ st Verna 6), Ghion 7 (41′ st Pontisso sv), Vandeputte 6.5; Iemmello 5.5 (7′ st Ambrosino 7), Biasci 6 (27′ st Stoppa 6). Annex Vivarini 7
PISA (4-2-3-1) Nicolas 6.5; Esteves 7, Canestrelli 6, Hermannsson 6, Beruatto 5 (18′ st Barbieri 6); Marin 6, Piccinini 6.5; L. Tramoni 6 (36′ st Masucci sv), Valoti 6 (18′ st Arena 6), Mlakar 5.5 (28′ st Vignato 6); Gliozzi 6 (18′ st Moreo 5.5). All. Aquilani 6.5
REFEREE Ghersini of Genoa 6
NOTE Attendance 9,067 of which 5,393 season ticket holders, revenue not communicated. Booked: Krajnc (C), Canestrelli, Verna, Ambrosino, Piccinini. Corners 2-6. Rec. 2′; 4′

Thirty points in the standings make your eyes shine and your chest swell with pride. Catanzaro is again third in the standings (waiting for Como), three behind the top two (but Parma also have to play) thanks to their third success in a row. Ambrosino’s goal and the ex’s (Marin) own goal sealed the 2-0 win over Pisa, deciding a complicated match, blocked for a half and put in the safe in the second half through a substitution (Napoli’s striker on target after 30 seconds having taken Iemmello’s place) and one of the many descents of the unmarkable Katseris, which caused the encore carom. It was a difficult success because Pisa played really well, but wanted and deserved: the Giallorossi have now also learned to be practical and not just beautiful.

After the whole stadium gave a big round of applause to the deceased Fabrizio Ferrigno, an unforgotten ex of both teams, the tactical battle between Vivarini and Aquilani began. The two coaches lost one player each in the warm-up – Veroli in Catanzaro (Krajnc in his place), D’Alessandro (Tramoni for him) in Pisa – and they transformed the pitch into a chessboard, with moves and counter-moves.

Photo Salvatore Monteverde