“Willing for everything” is staged in Messina, between sympathy and the dynamics of current life


By John

Hannibal Mary of France of Messina for an evening it was a real television studio with an audience that was not the classic theater audience. The set was set up on the occasion of the staging of the brilliant comedy by Cinzia Berni and Guido Polito entitled “Disposed to everything”. The play was revisited together with Patrizia Ajello by the actress Rita Natoli, in her directorial debut, a star skilfully “adapted” to the city with some characteristic traits of Messina.

After 14 years, Rita Natoli’s secret dream has become reality. The pandemic slowed it down, but also the difficulty of gathering those who, like her, believed in a project to chisel and search for direct and effective comedy, but above all capable of recreating a harmonious working environment. To turn the dream into reality cast selection of passionate actors, but also of non-actors, who, under an energetic and competent guidance, have been able to give their best, making characters and stories live between ups and downs of joy, reflections, delusions, loves, betrayals, jealousies and ambitions, with peaks of sympathy and with a firm eye on the life dynamics that characterize current reality. There are various food for thought on human frailties and the difficult balance on which interpersonal relationships are based. The plot, only apparently frivolous, travels on the common thread that unites modern and contemporary theatre, being and wanting to be.

The opera without a curtain involved the large audience present in the room, making it active part in the comedy. Strong interaction with the actors on stage in notable synergy with each other. In addition to the gripping plot, which did not spare unexpected twists, there were also moments of dancing, singing and improvisation. On live notes, played by maestro Peppe Russo, Rita Natoli sang “Meraviglioso” by Domenico Modugno. The involvement of those present was immediate, pleasantly surprised by the unscheduled event. The unexpected ending overwhelmed the audience, and drew laughter and ovations. A continuous flow of applause then accompanied the space dedicated to greetings and thanks. At the end, everyone under the stage for some photographic shots and the usual pleasantries; hot comments are inevitable.

The plot:

An actress named Anna lands in a television studio in hopes of returning to the limelight. She is opposed by the presenter, Simona, a proud and self-confident woman who lives for the audience, and by Paolo, the gallant director who is particularly sensitive to feminine charm. In the end, with great cunning and thanks to an unexpected event, Anna succeeds in her aim. Meanwhile, various situations involve the staff who work within the editorial office of Telealba.

The Cast:

Rita Natoli (director and actress as Anna, the actress);

Patrizia Ajello (assistant director and actress in the role of Spazzola, the editorial secretary);

Manuela La Rosa (Simona Sarno, the presenter);

Alfredo Catarsini (Paolo, the director);

Barbara Scorza (Barbara, the director);

Gloria Calapaj (Carla, the make-up artist);

Maria Salomone (Maria, the journalist);

Peppe Russo (the accordionist).