Catanzaro, Parco Romani “branch” of the UMG?


By John

Many hypotheses on the table, none concrete yet, but it is a sign of the Municipality’s commitment in the attempt to recover Parco Romani, the mega unfinished building in the Sala district. Precisely the fate of what should have been a business and commercial park – before the economic difficulties, the bureaucratic problems and the judicial events undermined its prospects – were at the center of the last meeting of the technical table set up in the Municipality, a of technical-political discussion to identify a viable, useful and economically sustainable solution.
The meeting To discuss, under the guidance of the president of the municipal council Gianmichele Boscofor the political side the majority councillors Danilo Sergi And Raffaele Serò, and minority Gianni Costa And Sergio Costanzo; lawyers at their side Francesco Sacchi And Rosanna Amendola, who followed the story on behalf of the over one hundred small investors who remained “bogged down” in what ultimately (at least until now) turned out to be a failing business.
The first stage of the journey will be the fundamental one verify the feasibility of transferring a Faculty of the Magna Graecia University to Parco Romani. At a time when politicians would like to open up the historic center to university students, moving some faculties to the centre, this could be an interesting solution as it would lead to the reuse of the property which would thus emerge from abandonment; it would bring students closer to the historic center given that Sala is right on its slopes; it would make it possible to enhance the site in the context of new urban mobility, in which the metropolitan system will be inserted which could thus count on constant flows of travelers and related income.