Catanzaro, parks illegally and sends the police to hospital who are fining her


By John

They were writing a parking ticket and were verbally and physically attacked. It happened in the late afternoon to two officers of the Catanzaro local police on duty in via Marincola Pistoia, after the request for intervention from the owner of a business whose access was blocked by a parked car. The owner of the same vehicle, later joined by her husband, railed violently against the two policemen who suffered abrasions with a prognosis of five days.

“Such episodes cannot be tolerable anymore, the attacker has been reported to the judicial authorities and this will be the hard line that we intend to follow in the future against those who do not respect our uniform”, comments the new commander of the local police Vincenzo Ruocco. “All citizens must understand that the local police force represents an indispensable safeguard of legality and that it is therefore necessary to respect its role and functions. As far as I am concerned, I will always work to protect the safety and security of the officers “.