Shopping card “dedicated to you”, the deadlines for activating the social card have been extended: here is the new deadline


By John

Shopping card “dedicated to you”, the deadlines for activating the social card have been extended: discover the new deadline

The deadlines for the activation of the “dedicated to you” card have been extended. Families who had not managed to collect the card for food purchases or carry out the first transaction by 15 September were able to activate the card and have, since December 15thOf 382.50 eurossum to which i are now added 77.20 euros to be used for the purchase of food or fuel”.

This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture Francesco Lollobrigida, after thepublication of the Masaf-Mimit-Mef decree which strengthens the instrument with an increase in resources of 100 million, thus going from 500 to 600 million euros.

«The card was an extraordinary success and the effectiveness of the measure is demonstrated by the numbers: 91% of the beneficiary families, with an ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros, identified by the INPS, used this tool to face the difficult economic situation and the increase in the prices of basic necessities”, adds Minister Lollobrigida. “Out of a group of beneficiaries equal to 1.3 million families, more than 100 thousand families were unable to access the measure within the expected timeframe. For this reason, the Meloni Government intervened by reopening the deadlines for the first activation of the cards, which must be done by 31 January 2024», continues the Minister of Agriculture.

“Over half of the families preferred to buy fresh products, such as vegetables, fruit, fish and meat, while over 41% purchased shelf products, such as pasta, biscuits and preserves. This measure, which provides for an innovative collaboration between Ministries and for this I thank my colleagues Urso and Giorgetti, not only does it confirm the synergy implemented between the departments of the executive led by Giorgia Meloni, but it reiterates our attention towards families experiencing a moment of economic difficulty. At the same time, it represents a support for the Italian production chains, a contribution to the growth of both internal consumption and the national economic system. For this I also thank the large-scale retail trade sector which will continue to guarantee a further 15% discount on purchases made with the card” concludes the minister Lollobrigida.