Catanzaro, 'Pugliese-Ciaccio' employees penalised. Yes Cobas: “Sums received are lower than what is due”


By John

“Recently for the former Pugliese-Ciaccio employees the 2021 productivity was paid, but as already reported, the sum received by the workers was significantly lower than the payments made in previous years. The Yes Cobas Calabria“, we read in a note from the regional coordinator Roberto Laudini, “asks this administration to proceed with the payment of productivity for the past years. During the meetings with the unions, the Administrative Director presented the recalculation of the funds intended for the payment of productivity and from these data it was highlighted that there is the possibility of giving more money to the former Pugliese-Ciaccio employees for 2021 productivity but to more than a month later all is silent. Again for the year 2022 there is the deafening silence of the administration which to date does not express itself for the payment of this incentive exercise for workers which we remember must be separated (formerly Pugliese-Ciaccio and former Mater Domini University Polyclinic), and that it be done quickly for the 2023 productivity payment for the new Renato Dulbecco university hospital company because too much time has passed and the workers are tired of hearing only chatter and above all, as always, we ask all workers to examine their consciences and reflect on how for years they have been treated as numbers and not as people by those who should protect them. Another sore point is the dressing and undressing institute, over a month later the expression of interest (company proposal) has not yet been made and as reported in the past the absurd situation where an ARAN opinion is requested for a company where of the workers already benefit from the dressing and undressing institute and the money is already taken from the company budget and instead with the ARAN opinion it asks whether it can be taken from the company budget or from the overtime funds, all this again to go against the workers. As stated above, we ask that the issues reported can lead to a positive turning point for the workers who are the human engine of the Renato Dulbecco university hospital, all workers must understand that the time for chatter is over and forming a union is a mission and every worker must raise their head and not be afraid to express their opinion in their workplace.”