Catanzaro raises its head again, after the collapse against Parma they stop Bari at 2-2 at the “San Nicola”


By John


MARKERS 28′ pt Koutsoupias (B), 30′ Sounas (C), 46′ Verna (C); 13′ st Koutsoupias (B)

BARI (4-3-3) Brenno 6; Dorval 5.5 (47′ st Achik sv), Di Cesare 5.5, Vicari 5.5, Frabotta 5.5; Koutsoupias 7.5 (22′ st Pucino 6), Maiello 6, Acampora 5 (33′ st Maita sv); Edjouma 5 (1′ st Morachioli 5.5), Nasti 5.5, Sibilli 6.5 (22′ st Diaw 5.5). All. Mignani 6

CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignati 5.5; Katseris 7 (31′ st Miranda 5), ​​Scognamillo 7, Brighenti 7, Veroli 6; Sounas 7.5 (23′ st Brignola 6.5), Pompetti 7 (23 st Ghion 6.5), Verna 7, Vandeputte 6.5; Donnarumma 6 (12′ st Stoppa 6), Biasci 6.5 (31′ st Iemmello sv). Annex Vivarini 7

REFEREE Mariani of Aprilia 6

NOTE Spectators 20,431 of which 1,290 guests. Coach Vivarini 36′ st and Miranda 38′ st were sent off. Veroli, Diaw, Miranda, Ghion booked. Corners 2-4. Rec. 2′; 5′.

The ransom. An almost perfect match and such a great test: for pride, character, but above all ideas. The 2-2 at the “San Nicola” is also close: Catanzaro dominated the first half, reacted immediately despite a goal conceded practically coldly, he overturned the result with Sounas and Verna, and in the end, after Bari equalized and with one man less (Vivarini and Miranda sent off) he was able to suffer without risking anything major. It’s difficult to think of such a reaction after the five slaps taken by Parma. And instead it seemed like a week ago nothing happened: this team finds itself with its eyes closed even when it has to deal with heavy forfeits.

Vivarini changed five compared to Parma: Katseris and Veroli as full-backs, Pompetti and Verna in the middle, Donnarumma in attack in the 4-4-2 who had a more careful attitude despite the usual propensity for phrasing and insistent possession: in short, the same principles as always.

Mignani designed Bari with 4-3-3, Acampora as midfielder in place of Maita, Di Cesare returning to central defense and a tendency to wait and start again. It was no coincidence that Catanzaro played much more and much better by appearing many times in the Brenno area following usual guidelines: the initial absence of Iemmello, and therefore of his work to mend the attacking midfield, was evident, however the Eagles found spaces especially on the flanks without feeling any repercussions from the blow of the previous Sunday. And not even the cold goal from Bari, who took the first action in the 28th minute: Sibilli concentrated on shooting with his right foot, Fulignati blocked it in the middle of the area, Koutsoupias was the quickest to respond.

The Giallorossi reaction was immediate: Bari wrapped from right to left, perfect cross from Vandeputte, winning insertion from Sounas, who scored with a header, burning Frabotta. Catanzaro dominated everywhere, the Apulians lit up only with Koutsoupias (dangerous in the 41st minute), but it was a blaze incomparable to the consistency of Vivarini’s team, who built again (Pompetti for Vandeputte) and deservedly doubled the lead in the 46th minute: ball by Acampora recovered by Sounas, service for the onrushing Katseris, assist at the far post for Verna.

Shock recovery start: Sibili’s crossbar fed by Koutsopias, Pompetti knocked down Nasti and it would have been a penalty if the VAR had not detected an offside by Nasti himself on his teammate’s right. Bari raised their center of gravity to look for the goal, Vivarini replaced Donnarumma with Stoppa (4-2-3-1), but the Apulians equalized immediately afterwards: cross from the left by Frabotta, Koutsoupias headed over Veroli and on the rebound of Fulignati was a condor. Mignani spent the Diaw card, Vivarini replied with Brignola and Ghion (for Sounas and Pompetti) and the game became even more beautiful, with continuous reversals: Vandeputte engaged Brenno twice, then Iemmello and Miranda entered (for Katseris and Biasci), Vivarini was sent off for protesting, two minutes later it was Miranda’s turn (already booked) who knocked out Dorval after launching the restart. Brignola finished as a full-back, Bari pressed thanks to the extra man, but created zero real dangers. The draw is fine, but perhaps it is slightly skimpy: Catanzaro is there.