Lamezia, apparent calm in the majority and the opposition rages against the mayor


By John

Everything is silent. After the approval of the DUP and the budget forecast, there is an apparent calm among the council majority. Unlike the minority who wastes no time in sticking the knife into the wound. After the city councilors Guarascio And Citizen (Nuova Era) and the secretary of the Democratic Party Gennarino Masi, Also Rosario Piccioni (Common Good) affects the stability of the Mascaro Administration. In particular, the minority councilor is keen to underline first of all that the Mascaro administration remains in office «exclusively thanks to the crutch of the centre-right parties who have scientifically decided to desert the City Council: Forza Italia, Fratelli d’Italia, UDC and Lega finally decided to help and save their friend Mascaro.” This shows, Piccioni insists, that “the Mascaro Administration is anything but civic, being clearly centre-right”. Another aspect highlighted by Piccioni is that Mascaro «continues to lose pieces of his majority: the very harsh stance of councilors Saullo and Saladini with which they announced that they were leaving the majority is the certification of Mascaro’s political failure. The battleship that emerged from the polls made up of 15 out of 24 councilors has today been reduced to just 10 units. A number well below the absolute majority needed to guarantee a stable government for the city.” Hence the hope that the mayor “will clarify things as soon as possible”.