Lower pensions for those who live longer? INPS denies: “No reform proposal”


By John

«What has been reported about the active participation of the INPS through the formulation of a pension reform proposal is baseless». He writes it the INPS regarding journalistic reconstructions starting from the data contained in the annual report on differences in life expectancy between the wealthy and the less wealthy according to which the pension transformation coefficient, which is now unique, is unfair.

«The INPS – we read – has always been committed to collecting, systematizing and sharing data relating to relevant matters, to offer the country a fundamental overview of demographic, sociological and economic dynamics. The data collected can represent a resource for the development of political and administrative choices, but it is not the Institute’s tasks to make proposals to the legislator on welfare matters. The XXII INPS Annual Report, presented to the Chamber of Deputies on 13 September, is a document that provides an overview of the services provided and the impact of these services on the dynamics observed in our country. This report highlights, among other things, the strong vivacity of the labor market, the post-Covid recovery and the effectiveness of de-contribution policies. At the same time, it highlights structural challenges at a social and territorial level, challenges that have been addressed thanks to the solid network of the Italian Welfare State, of which INPS has been one of the guarantors for 125 years. The commitment of the INPS – concludes the note – is and will always remain that of guaranteeing the protection of citizens’ rights and the sustainability of the Italian social security system, respecting institutional skills and roles”. According to the newspaper il Messaggero, the INPS would have made a proposal for a reduced pension for those who live longer on the basis of the fact that the wealthiest at the moment have an advantage, thanks to the single transformation coefficient, in the calculation of their allowance. According to the newspaper, the proposal should have arrived on the social security reform table.