Catanzaro, real estate sector and housing policies at the center of a meeting between the municipal administration and property and tenant organizations


By John

An important and fruitful meeting was held at the Town Hall of Catanzaro between the mayor of the capital city, Nicola Fioritathe councilor for economic activities, tourism and heritage, Antonio BorelliAnd Sandro Scoppapresident of Confbuilding Calabria and Catanzaro, Francesco Aligeneral secretary Sunia-Cgil Calabria, Raffaele Rotundoresponsible secretary Sicet-Cisl CatanzaroAnd Gaetana Pesceregional president Uniat-Uil Calabria.

This meeting constituted the opportunity for a fruitful and in-depth informative conversation, for an exchange of ideas and to discuss problems in the real estate sector in the city, for which the aforementioned organizations representing real estate ownership and tenants have put in place field various initiatives.

They also signed the 22 September 2021 and deposited at Palazzo de’ Nobili (acquired under protocol no. 138044 of 23 September 2021), The fundamental territorial agreement for Catanzarowhich replaced the one stipulated on 17 October 2017. The same was finalized by the responsible and authoritative trade unions taking into account the data and information collected within the rental sector and the trends of the real estate market, as well as incorporating updated doctrinal and jurisprudential guidelines and the provisions contained in the Ministerial Decree of 16 January 2017, which included the contents of the national convention.

By virtue of this agreement, as is now known, it is possible to stipulate rental contracts, at an agreed fee (also called: subsidized rental contracts) for ordinary housing needs (3+2), for transitory needs, up to eighteen months, and for the needs of university students, with a duration of the latter from six months to three years, with the possibility of choosing the favorable tax regime of flat rate tax on 10%, the option of which entails the application of a regime replacing the Irpef and the related municipal and regional surcharges to be paid on rental fees, together with stamp duty and registration tax, as well as a reduction in IMU. The agreement allows tenants to have important tax deductions, from a minimum of 247 to a maximum of 495 euros depending on income.

During the said meeting, the aforementioned trade union organizations expressed their willingness to keep the dialogue open and continue with studies and in-depth studies regarding the real estate sector and all the related needs, also in joint discussions with the municipal administration. They also renewed the request for the adoption of a reward benefit through the further reduction, compared to that already in place as a result of the 2016 Stability Law, of the IMU rates for agreed rental contracts. To this could also be added the recognition of other fiscal rewards under municipal jurisdiction in order to provide owners and tenants with a lightening of the burdens in the current difficult economic moment for the country and Calabria

All these things, it was underlined, represent essential needs and a further important step in the right direction, after the one taken with the signing of the aforementioned essential territorial agreement, which could make rental relationships more attractive for the needs contemplated by the union agreement, which it contains balanced forecasts that are broadly representative of the different needs of owners and tenants and has been shown to work perfectly.

Mayor Fiorita and councilor Borrelli, in addition to expressing appreciation for the meeting and the topics addressed, expressed the interest of the Catanzaro municipality in continuing the dialogue undertaken, without failing at the same time to delve deeper into the needs expressed and the request for reduction of the ‘IMU despite the budget constraints, and also preparing a feasibility study aimed at such abatement.