Messina beaten by Brindisi at home: Plescia and Manetta will miss the match against Crotone


By John

Messina-Brindisi 0-1

Scorers: st 28′ Ganz

Messina (4-2-3-1): Fumagalli 6; Salvo 5.5 (35′ st Polito sv, 45′ st Firenze sv), Manetta 6, Ferrara 5.5, Ortisi 6; Franco 5.5 (35′ st Giunta sv), Frisenna 5.5 (35′ st Scafetta sv); Cavallo 5 (18′ st Luciani 5.5), Emmausso 5, Ragusa 5.5; Plescia 6. Available. De Matteis, Pacciardi, Darini, Tropea, Buffa, Zunno, Di Bella, Florence. All. Modica 5.5.

Brindisi (3-5-2): Albertazzi 6.5; Valenti 6, Cappeletti 6, Bizzotto 6; Albertini 6.5, Vona 6.5 (31′ st Ceesay sv), Petrucci 6, Golfo 6.5 (27′ st De Angelis 5), Monti 5.5; Bunino 6.5 (41′ st Moretti sv), Fall 6.5 (27′ st Ganz 7). Available Auro, Saio, Gorzelewski, Lombardi, Mazia, Bellucci, De Feo, Nicolao, Costa. All. Danucci 7.
Referee: Aleksandar Djurdjevic from Trieste 5.5Assistants: Simone Asciamprener Rainieri from Milan and Davide Rignanese from Rimini

Fourth official: Giuseppe Costa from Catanzaro
Booked: Salvo (M), Cappelletti (B), Manetta (M), Emmausso (M), Plescia (M), Ortisi (M), Scafetta (M)
Expelled at 41′ st De Angelis (B) and at 47′ st Plescia (M)
Corner: 3-8 – Added time: 2′ and 7′

First home defeat of the season for Messina, beaten 1-0 by Brindisi who violated the Scoglio with the goal scored in the 73rd minute by Ganz, who had been on the pitch for a handful of seconds for Fall. Messina protesting for the starting position of Bunino, who after Albertini’s cross makes the pass for the scorer.
Messina bridled by Brindisi’s defensive effort, taking the field with a very tight 3-5-2 that limits the offensive ambitions of the biancoscudati, while Modica confirms the formation with four forwards that took the field a week ago in Picerno. Messina will produce very little, except for an initiative by Ragusa at the start, closed by a shot on the back by Plescia and a powerful conclusion in the second half by the same attacker, saved at the near post by Albertazzi. Then the episode of the goal: Bunino, suspected of being offside, acts as a buffer for Ganz who doesn’t miss from two steps. In the final, De Angelis was sent off (direct red card after a harsh challenge on Polito) and Plescia (double yellow card) who will miss the match against Crotone like Manetta.