Catanzaro, Santacroce joins the League and is ready to run for the European Championships


By John

The positions of the big Calabrian players on the regional scene are starting to take shape. This time it is the turn of the former regional councilor and mayor of Albi, Frank Mario Santacroce, who joins the League. In reality, after the experience in the regional elections with Coraggio Italia, where he had collected 7 thousand votes (the most voted in the province of catanzaro together with the elected Mancuso and Alecci) but remaining outside the regional council led by Occhiuto, he had already approached the League of Salvini and his commissioner Saccomanno and actively participated in the electoral campaign of the Northern League party which then led to the election of the candidates for the Chamber and Senate, Furgiuele And Loizzo while he recently contributed to the election of Northern League councilors in the provinces of Catanzaro and Crotone.

Now the official entry, following the meeting with the national leader Salvini who together with the undersecretary Durigona true sponsor of Santacroce who strongly wanted him, recognizing his great experience and knowledge of the territory considering that he is a long-time administrator, very young mayor of Albi for 10 years, he has held various positions in the Calabrian regional administration, from the board of ANCI and theUncemup to his recent experiences as commissioner of Corecom Calabria and finally joining the regional council in 2020, still remaining today one of the most important points of reference in the territory presilano Catanzaro. “I had already joined the League two years ago” commented Santacroce “and now I have made myself available for candidacy in the next European elections and the party will decide in this sense in the awareness that the Calabrian territory is full of important references in the province of the capital such as Pietro Raso, already in his second experience as regional councilor, Filippo Mancuso who is demonstrating great skills in his role as president of the regional council, Amedeo Mormilemayor presilano and president of the province and thehonorable Furgiuele who embodies the perfect model of a loyal politician consistent with the values ​​of the party.” The Calabrian League has already decided to entrust Simona to the Cosenza parliamentarian Loizzo the task of representing the party in the southern constituency Salvini in the European elections and now it will certainly be Santacroce's turn to support her in the attempt to guarantee the party a result that can confirm the great strides forward that the Calabrian League is making with important battles such as the construction of the new 106, the remodeling of the port areas, the project of the Messina bridge and differentiated autonomy, projects and initiatives with a certain impact and development for Calabria that need to be taken advantage of at all costs.