Catanzaro, Saturday the eagerly awaited screening of the film “My place is here”. Free tickets with the Gazzetta


By John

All ready for the new release date of “My place is here” which, after the success at the last edition of Bif&st 2024 where it won the Giuliano Montaldo Award for best director and the Mariangela Melato Award for best leading actress, will arrive at The Space in Catanzaro – at the “Le Fontane” commercial park – Saturday 11 May at 9.30pm. The screening will take place in the presence of the directors Daniela Porto and Cristiano Bortone. Anyone interested in watching the film should send an email (by Friday evening) to our editorial office ((email protected)).

There are 15 tickets available, free of charge, each valid for 2 people. On Saturday morning we will send them the email and people will only have to show up at the cash register and give their name to be able to access the room. “My place is here” is a film that tells with truth and courage and a highly realistic approach a story of friendship and emancipation set in rural Calabria in the 1940s, against the backdrop of the social changes of post-war Italy. 15 free tickets are up for grabs for anyone who writes an email to our editorial staff