Goodbye to Antonio Rossomando, the former president of the Turin bar association, born in Tropea 90 years ago


By John

Antonio Rossomando has passed awayformer president of the Turin bar association from 2001 to 2005, and father of the Democratic Party senator, Anna. Born in Tropea on 1 April 1934, he graduated in law in Palermo on 16 November 1956 with a graduation mark of 110/110 cum laude and enrolled in the register of trainee prosecutors of the Council of the Order of Vibo Valentia on 18 March 1957 carrying out the internship in the office of the lawyer Jannelli Gaetano. He took his first oath on 7 August 1957. On 20 April 1959 he obtained the authorization to register with the Council of the Palermo Bar Association. In the 1960s he moved to Turin, where he managed one of the most important studios in the city. This was learned on the sidelines of a Democratic Party event taking place in Turin.