Catanzaro, school reorganization and controversy. Costanzo denounces “the mess of the Democratic Party”


By John

He created some confusion also on a political level school sizing plan approved by the Provincial Council. There were not only the reactions of those institutions, comprehensive and superior, which will see their autonomy come to an end: there was no shortage of positions taken among the political forces, even with a disconnect between the party will and the vote in the chamber.
Both among the progressive forces and in the centre-right, the decisions of the UN Chamber have in fact highlighted some divergences which have led to unexpected choices until a few hours before, such as that of Sergio Costanzo who left the role of group leader of Noi in the Province, because he was against a plan “that penalizes the city of Catanzaro”.
In the last few hours, several interventions have taken place in the Democratic Party. The regional councilor Ernesto Alecci spoke of “a war between the poor unleashed by the national government which does not do the good of Calabria”. His reasoning was on a regional scale, believing that the dimensioning should not have affected Calabria because «between school abandonment and educational poverty, the school represents the most important socio-cultural defense and the only hope of redemption». If in recent days the citizen clubs of the PD “Lauria” and “Catanzaro Ovest – Mater Domini” had clearly rejected the plan, speaking of a “very bad administrative and political page”, and the leader of the Dem group in the City Council Fabio Celia was on the same line, the the “Puccio” club of Lido, led by the secretary Giuseppe Runca, discussed it with the provincial councilor Gregorio Gallello, who voted on the plan, together with the member of the regional secretariat of the dem Maria Chiara Chiodo.